Episodes 0-10
Show Notes | YGT 0: Things You Should Know About YGT
Show NotesYGT 1: Getting Contracts for Books
Show NotesYGT 2: I Promise That You Are Impacting Your Students
Show NotesYGT 3: There is No “Easy Article”
Show NotesYGT 4: Scholarly Pipelines
Show NotesYGT 5: Trust in the Work You’re Doing to Meet Your Next Challenge
Show NotesYGT 6: Keynotes
Show NotesYGT 7: Why You Shouldn’t Make Something Bigger than It Is
Show NotesYGT 8: Preparing for the Future Without Phoning in the Now
Show NotesYGT 9: Writing and Pitching Book Proposals
Show NotesYGT 10: Big Ideas Need Physical Space
Episodes 11-20

Show NotesYGT 11: Input and Output Seasons
Show NotesYGT 12: My Current Favorite Productivity Tools & Strategies
Show NotesYGT 13: How to Approach a Grant Application
Show NotesYGT 14: My Five Favorite Productivity Books
Show NotesYGT 15: Writing Through Blocks
Show NotesYGT 16: Grading Rubrics
Show NotesYGT 17: Being an Associate Editor for a Journal
Show NotesYGT 18: Effectively Using Vacation Breaks
Show NotesYGT 19: My Favorite Teaching Activity
Show NotesYGT 20: Accepting Deficits (or Not) – Part 1
Show NotesYGT 20: Accepting Deficits (or Not) – Part 2

Episodes 21-30

Show NotesYGT 21: Responding to Revise and Resubmits
Show NotesYGT 22: Getting Out of Your Own Way
Show NotesYGT 23: Imposter Syndrome
Show NotesYGT 24: Some Thoughts on Saying Yes
Show NotesYGT 25: Planning for Your First Day of Class
Show NotesYGT 26: My Favorite Teaching Icebreakers
Show NotesYGT 27: Book Review of What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School
Show NotesYGT 28: Time Windfalls
Show NotesYGT 29: Creating Space for Future Opportunities
Show NotesYGT 30: Back Pocket Teaching Activities

Episodes 31-40

Show NotesYGT 31: Book Review of The Coach’s Guide for Women Professors
Show NotesYGT 32: Self-promotion
Show NotesYGT 33: Doing Scary Things
Show NotesYGT 34: My No Fail Productivity Trick
Show NotesYGT 35: Book Review of Faculty Development in the Age of Evidence
Show NotesYGT 36: Having a Professional Website
Show NotesYGT 37: Five Apps I’m Currently Using
Show NotesYGT 38: My New Podcast Project
Show NotesYGT 39: Spring Cleaning
Show NotesYGT 40: Book Review of The Prudent Professor

Episodes 41-50

Show NotesYGT 41: Mindset
Show NotesYGT 42: April Writing Challenge Debrief
Show NotesYGT 43: Keeping a Kudos File
Show NotesYGT 44: Book Review of Working Virtually
Show NotesYGT 45: Knowing Your Limits
Show NotesYGT 46: Organizing Edited Collections
Show NotesYGT 47: Staying Limber
Show NotesYGT 48: Finding Your Most Productive Schedule
Show NotesYGT 49: Book Review of Pitch Perfect
Show NotesYGT 50: Surviving vs. Thriving

Episodes 51-60

Show NotesYGT 51: My Favorite Time-Saving Strategies
Show NotesYGT 52: Celebrating One Year of YGT
Show NotesYGT 53: Book Review of Publicly Engaged Scholars
Show NotesYGT 54: Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Show NotesYGT 55: A Very Exciting Announcement
Show NotesYGT 56: Carving Out Time for Big Projects
Show NotesYGT 57: Book Review of Dynamic Lecturing
Show NotesYGT 58: Learning in Community
Show NotesYGT 59: Preparing for a New Season
Show NotesYGT 60: Embracing the Grind

Episodes 61-70

Show NotesYGT 61: My Current Favorite Tools for Creating
Show NotesYGT 62: Book Review of Teach Students How to Learn
Show NotesYGT 63: The Latest Books I’ve Added to My Shelves
Show NotesYGT 64: Trusting Yourself
Show NotesYGT 65: Honest Talk About Productivity – Part 1
Show NotesYGT 65: Honest Talk About Productivity – Part 2
Show NotesYGT 66: Book Review of Assessing for Learning
Show NotesYGT 67: Preparing for an Upcoming Holiday Break
Show NotesYGT 68: The Academic Book Promotion Toolkit
Show NotesYGT 69: Culling Your Social Media Feeds
Show NotesYGT 70: Book Review of Hitting Pause

Episodes 71-80

Show NotesYGT 71: Expressing Gratitude
Show NotesYGT 72: My Favorite Books of 2017
Show NotesYGT 73: Honoring Intuition
Show NotesYGT 74: Announcing AcademiGig
Show NotesYGT 75: Book Review of Shaping Your Career
Show NotesYGT 76: My 2017 Retrospective
Show NotesYGT 77: My 2018 Goals
Show NotesYGT 78: My Holiday Book Haul
Show Notes | YGT 79: Review of Teach Yourself How to Learn
Show NotesYGT 80: The 1000 Day Project

Episodes 81-90

Show NotesYGT 81: Travel Packing
Show NotesYGT 82: Using a Scrum Board
Show NotesYGT 83: Your Future Self
Show NotesYGT 84: Digging Out
Show NotesYGT 85: Developing a Body of Work
Show NotesYGT 86: Starting New Projects
Show NotesYGT 87: Restarting a Habit
Show NotesYGT 88: Book Review of A Guide for Leaders in Higher Education
Show NotesYGT 89: Harnessing New Ideas
Show NotesYGT 90: Competing Creative Projects

Episodes 91-100

Show NotesYGT 91: Writing Recommendation Letters
Show NotesYGT 92: Summer Writing Plans
Show NotesYGT 93: Spring Favorites
Show NotesYGT 94: SoTL by Design
Show NotesYGT 95: Good Activities for Thinking
Show NotesYGT 96: Summer Goals
Show NotesYGT 97: Career Possibilities
Show NotesYGT 98: Eating an Elephant
Show NotesYGT 99: Morning Routines
Show NotesYGT 100: Reflecting on My Journey Over 100 Episodes

Episodes 101-110

Show NotesYGT 101: Playful Experimentation
Show NotesYGT 102: A Restful July
Show NotesYGT 103: What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Show Notes | YGT 104: Settling vs. Settling In
Show Notes | YGT 105: Review of Designing a Motivational Syllabus
Show Notes | YGT 106: Make Your Way
Show Notes | YGT 107: Five Food Hacks to Save Mental Energy
Show Notes | YGT 108: Creating a Content Calendar
Show Notes | YGT 109: Embracing Rabbit Holes
Show Notes | YGT 110: Review of Creating Wicked Students

Episodes 111-114

Show Notes | YGT 111: Personalized Accountability Systems
Show Notes | YGT 112: Responding to Fear
Show Notes | YGT 113: Conference Season Planning
Show Notes | YGT 114: Curating a Minimalist Closet

Episodes 1-10
Show Notes | Q&A #1: Vacation Reading Recommendations
Show Notes | Q&A #2: Podcasting Basics
Show Notes | Q&A #3: Podcasting Production Steps
Show Notes | Q&A #4: What Makes a Good Cover Letter?
Show Notes
| Q&A #5: Prioritizing Projects
Show Notes | Q&A #6: Collecting Midterm Feedback
Show Notes | Q&A #7: When You’re Lacking Motivation
Show Notes | Q&A #8: Forming a Mastermind Group
Show Notes | Q&A #9: Tips for Before You Travel
Show Notes | Q&A #10: Staying Productive While Traveling
Episodes 11-20
Show Notes | Q&A #11: Live-Tweeting
Show Notes | Q&A #12: How to Write a Book
Show Notes | Q&A #13: Conference Networking
Show Notes | Q&A #14: Do You Sleep?
Show Notes | Q&A #15: Establishing Expertise
Show Notes | Q&A #16: Prioritizing When You Want to Do Lots of Things
Show Notes | Q&A #17: Planning and Executing a Writing Retreat
Show Notes | Q&A #18: Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions?
Show Notes | Q&A #19: Podcast Sponsorship
Show Notes | Q&A #20: Writing Retreat Update
Episodes 21-30

Show Notes | Q&A #21: My Current Favorite Podcasts
Show Notes | Q&A #22: Reading Strategically
Show Notes | Q&A #23: Social Media Management
Show Notes | Q&A #24: My Current (Side) Business Budget
Show Notes | Q&A #25: Juggling a Personal Business and an Academic Career
Show Notes | Q&A #26: Working with Clients
Show Notes | Q&A #27: Preparing for a New Hire
Show Notes | Q&A #28: Organizing a Virtual Book Tour
Show Notes | Q&A #29: Headshots
Show Notes | Q&A #30: Traveling and Presenting as an Introvert

Episodes 31-40

Show Notes | Q&A #31: New Year’s Resolutions Update
Show Notes | Q&A #32: Perfectionism
Show Notes | Q&A #33: Testimonials
Show Notes | Q&A #34: (Why) Should an Academic Have a YouTube Channel?
Show Notes | Q&A #35: How and Why to Form an LLC
Show Notes | Q&A #36: A Day in the Life
Show Notes | Q&A #37: Getting Started with Consulting
Show Notes | Q&A #38: Summer Reading Plans
Show Notes | Q&A #39: What Does it Feel Like to Finish a Book Manuscript?
Show Notes | Q&A #40: How Do You Build a Social Media Presence?

Episodes 41-50

Show Notes | Q&A #41: Summer Goals
Show Notes | Q&A #42: Strategies for When You’re Stressed Out
Show Notes | Q&A #43: Being a Book Series Editor
Show Notes | Q&A #44: Having a Weekly Email Newsletter
Show Notes | Q&A #45: How (and Why) Do You Write So Much?
Show Notes | Q&A #46: Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions Mid-Year
Show Notes | Q&A #47: Deciding to Accept Invitations to Speak
Show Notes | Q&A #48: Talking About Money with Speaking Clients
Show Notes | Q&A #49: Anatomy of a Launch
Show Notes | Q&A #50: Encouraging Professional Development for Others

Episodes 51-60

Show Notes | Q&A #51: Explaining Disparate Research Interests While Job Searching
Show Notes | Q&A #52: Choosing When to Outsource
Show Notes | Q&A #53: My Professional Pathway
Show Notes | Q&A #54: Creating a Book Index
Show Notes | Q&A #55: Forming a Writing Group for Accountability
Show Notes | Q&A #56: How Did the Webinar Series Launch Go?
Show Notes | Q&A #57: Fourth Quarter Goals
Show Notes | Q&A #58: Dealing with Creative Fatigue
Show Notes | Q&A #59: Preparing for a Career in Academia
Show Notes | Q&A #60: Interacting with Journal Editors

Episodes 61-70

Show Notes | Q&A #61: How’s Coaching Training Going?
Show Notes | Q&A #62: Writing Beyond Journal Articles
Show Notes | Q&A #63: Dietary Restrictions While Traveling
Show Notes | Q&A #64: Pursuing International Collaborations
Show Notes | Q&A #65: How Do You Rest?
Show Notes | Q&A #66: Launching a 30-day Challenge
Show Notes | Q&A #67: Identifying Strong Collaboration Partners
Show Notes | Q&A #68: Finding an Academic Job in Another Country
Show Notes |
Q&A #69: Are Your Goals Aligned with Your Vision?
Show Notes | Q&A #70: 30-day Challenge Debrief

Episodes 71-80

Show Notes | Q&A #71: Making Sense of Reading
Show Notes | Q&A #72: Nine Questions to Help You Tackle Fear and Procrastination
Show Notes | Q&A #73: Citation Practices
Show Notes | Q&A #74: Can You Write a Thesis Like a Book?
Show Notes | Q&A #75: What is Coaching?
Show Notes | Q&A #76: Engaging Chapter Co-Authors for a Solo-authored Book
Show Notes | Q&A #77: Email Organization Strategies
Show Notes | Q&A #78: Why I Quit Facebook
Show Notes | Q&A #79: Attracting Paid Speaking Gigs
Show Notes | Q&A #80: Dealing with Frustration

Episodes 81-90

Show Notes | Q&A #81: Designing Focused Lectures
Show Notes | Q&A #82: Finding Good Books to Read
Show Notes | Q&A #83: First Quarter 2018 Goals Check-in
Show Notes | Q&A #84: What Do You Look Forward to Celebrating?
Show Notes | Q&A #85: Remembering All the Things
Show Notes | Q&A #86: Building a New Website (with a Special Guest)
Show Notes | Q&A #87: Documenting Process and Progress
Show Notes | Q&A #88: Taking Mini-Vacations
Show Notes | Q&A #89: How Do You Design a Webinar?
Show Notes | Q&A #90: How Did the Webinar Series Go?

Episodes 91-100

Show Notes | Q&A #91: Suggestions for Writing a First Journal Article
Show Notes | Q&A #92: Effective Delegation
Show Notes | Q&A #93: What are You Willing to Get Up Early For?
Show Notes | Q&A #94: Six Questions for Getting Started with Social Media
Show Notes | Q&A #95: Planning a Reading Retreat
Show Notes | Q&A #96: What is Radical Self-Trust?
Show Notes | Q&A #97: Creating Vision Statements
Show Notes | Q&A #98: Imposter Syndrome and the Cycle of Self-distrust
Show Notes | Q&A #99: Tracking Progress on Large Projects
Show Notes | Q&A #100: Want to Do a Run/Walk Challenge with Me?

Episodes 101-107

Show Notes | Q&A #101: What’s Your Flow State?
Show Notes | Q&A #102: What’s Your Self-care Routine?
Show Notes | Q&A #103: Quitting Sugar
Show Notes | Q&A #104: Run/Walk Challenge One-Month Debrief
Show Notes | Q&A #105: Strategies for Analysis Paralysis
Show Notes | Q&A #106: Dealing with Setbacks
Show Notes | Q&A #107: When Do You Read?

Episodes 1-10
Show Notes | TWR 1: How This Book Came to Be
Show NotesTWR 2: Creating Space for a New Book Project
Show NotesTWR 3: On Not Making Something Bigger Than It Is
Show NotesTWR 4: Staying Accountable to the Work
Show NotesTWR 5: Practicing the Art of Layering
Show NotesTWR 6: Connecting with Colleagues
Show NotesTWR 7: When the Flu Hits
Show NotesTWR 8: Departing from a Previous Strategy
Show NotesTWR 9: On Not Making Excuses
Show NotesTWR 10: Questions of Audience
Episodes 11-20
Show NotesTWR 11: Diving into the Research
Show NotesTWR 12: Keeping the Book Front of Mind
Show NotesTWR 13: Carving Out Time for Writing
Show NotesTWR 14: Taking Advantage of a Time Windfall
Show NotesTWR 15: Yes, I’m Working on Christmas
Show NotesTWR 16: Reporting from the Trenches
Show NotesTWR 17: Writing Retreat Results
Show NotesTWR 18: Reflecting on Books and Branding
Show NotesTWR 19: The Struggle is Real
Show NotesTWR 20: Planning the Release of The Anatomy of a Book
Episodes 21-30
Show NotesTWR 21: Dreams of My Next Writing Sprint
Show NotesTWR 22: Setting Goals for My Upcoming Writing Challenge
Show NotesTWR 23: Approaching the Book with Fresh Eyes
Show NotesTWR 24: April Writing Challenge Update
Show NotesTWR 25: April Writing Challenge Debrief
Show NotesTWR 26: My Second Writing Retreat
Show NotesTWR 27: Hitting the Print Button
Show NotesTWR 28: How Does it Feel to Finish a Book Manuscript
Show NotesTWR 29: Processing Reviewer Feedback
Show NotesTWR 30: Writing on a Plane
Episodes 31-40
Show NotesTWR 31: Responding to Conflicting Reviewer Advice
Show NotesTWR 32: The Future of The Anatomy of a Book
Show NotesTWR 33: Introducing The Academic Book Promotion Toolkit
Show NotesTWR 34: A Looming Deadline
Show NotesTWR 35: A Wrench in My Plans
Show NotesTWR 36: The Current Projects on My Plate
Show NotesTWR 37: A Thanksgiving Writing Retreat
Show NotesTWR 38: Letting Projects Go
Show NotesTWR 39: Announcing AcademiGig
Show NotesTWR 40: Winter Break Writing Goals
Episodes 41-50
Show NotesTWR 41: 2017 Writing Accomplishments
Show NotesTWR 42: Winter Break Writing Debrief
Show NotesTWR 43: 2018 Writing & Publication Goals
Show NotesTWR 44: Choosing Book Covers
Show NotesTWR 45: Building Book Websites
Show NotesTWR 46: Early Thoughts on a Book Marketing Plan
Show NotesTWR 47: Redlines
Show NotesTWR 48: I Scooped Myself!
Show NotesTWR 49: 5 Favorite Books on Writing
Show NotesTWR 50: Struggletown
Episodes 51-60
Show NotesTWR 51: Juggling Multiple Writing Projects
Show NotesTWR 52: Creating a Book Index
Show NotesTWR 53: The Magic of Proofs
Show NotesTWR 54: Dedication to the Details
Show NotesTWR 55: When I’m Not Writing a Book
Show NotesTWR 56: Co-editing with Colleagues
Show NotesTWR 57: Summer Writing Plans
Show NotesTWR 58: Writing from Home
Show NotesTWR 59: Accidental Writing
Show NotesTWR 60: An Editing Season
Episodes 61-70

Show NotesTWR 61: Shaking Things Up
Show NotesTWR 62: Writing Milestones
Show NotesTWR 63: Choosing My Next Book
Show NotesTWR 64: Testing Out Ideas
Show NotesTWR 65: Five Writers I Follow for Inspiration
Show NotesTWR 66: Writing Groups
Show NotesTWR 67: A Restful July
Show NotesTWR 68: The Benefits of Creative Breaks
Show Notes | TWR 69: Reasons to Pull Out of a Book Project
Show Notes | TWR 70: Documenting Your Writing on a CV

Episodes 71-79

Show Notes | TWR 71: Organizing Writing a Book
Show Notes | TWR 72: Writing with a Tired Brain
Show Notes | TWR 73: Using the Snowball Method to Prioritize Projects
Show Notes | TWR 74: The Small Screen Writing Trick
Show Notes | TWR 75: Dividing Your Writing Projects by Stages
Show Notes | TWR 76: Behind-the-Scenes of Co-Editing a Book
Show Notes | TWR 77: What Do You Like about Writing?
Show Notes | TWR 78: Eight Games for Writing Motivation
Show Notes | TWR 79: To NaNoWriMo, or Not to NaNoWriMo

Season 1: Episodes 1-9

Show Notes | MYW 1: The State of Our Businesses
Show NotesMYW 2: Following the Creative Energy
Show NotesMYW 3: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Show NotesMYW 4: Wearing Different Professional Hats
Show NotesMYW 5: Our Biggest Business Fears
Show NotesMYW 6: How Do You Start an LLC?
Show NotesMYW 7: Goal Setting for Success
Show NotesMYW 8: Planning and Launching New Projects
Show NotesMYW 9: How to Be Everything Between-a-sode

Season 2: Episodes 10-18

Show Notes | MYW 10: Money, Money, Money! Setting Your Prices
Show NotesMYW 11: Content and Creativity
Show NotesMYW 12: Creating Business Systems
Show NotesMYW 13: CRMs and Staying Connected with Clients
Show NotesMYW 14: Creating a Productive Workspace
Show NotesMYW 15: How and When to Outsource Work
Show NotesMYW 16: How to Learn New Things
Show NotesMYW 17: Experimentation
Show NotesMYW 18: Start With Why Between-a-sode

Season 3: Episodes 19-27

Show Notes | MYW 19: Building a Thing!
Show Notes | MYW 20: Content Design
Show Notes | MYW 21: Platform Choice
Show Notes | MYW 22: Aesthetic Design & Branding
Show Notes | MYW 23: Video Creation
Show Notes | MYW 24: Systems for Content Creation
Show Notes | MYW 25: Pricing & Packaging