What’s Next

This program utilizes the principles of my philosophy of Radical Self-Trust.
Radical self-trust is defined as one’s capacity for steadfast self-awareness and self-loyalty.

Are you seeking clarity regarding what’s next for you?

What’s Next is a group coaching program that will help you to find comfort within impatience and the unknown, strategize about constraints, and step into a new identity with confidence.

Through the program, you’ll have a guided exploration of:

  • the stories you’re currently shaping about what’s next for you, including limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • lessons you are learning during this transition time
  • obstacles that are holding you back from progress
  • clarity about where you need to trust yourself more to continue on your pathway with confidence

Ready to dive in?

Sometimes you aren’t sure what’s next, but you know that a change is on the horizon. Evolution may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this program, we hold space to help you transition from one space to another.

What’s Next includes the following program elements:


Weekly group coaching calls to discuss each week’s topic (with recordings made available after each session)


Weekly “self work” assignments and journal prompts to deepen self-understanding


A PDF workbook of activities to record thoughts, ideas, and growth throughout the program


A selection of optional additional resources including books, podcast episodes, and other materials to help you further reflect on how best to conceptualize radical self-trust in your own life

4 weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom with small group breakouts.

Each 90-minute session will begin with a short overview of the topic for that week, followed by group breakouts and large group coaching before the next week’s “self work” is introduced.


Weekly "self work" assignments to personalize the lessons to your life and work.

Plan to set aside 1-2 hours each week to reflect on what you are learning about what’s next for you through guided activities.


A workbook to capture your reflections on your next steps.

Each week of the program workbook includes guiding questions for reflection, a series of journal prompts, a short piece of content to read, and space for notes and reflections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is group coaching?

Individual coaching is designed to offer you the clarity, confidence, and plan you need to take your next big step or to design the little actions that will make all the difference. In this group coaching setting, topics will be explored through guided activities with other members of the group in addition to group discussions led by Katie in each session.

How much does the program cost?

The What’s Next group coaching program is $297 per person.

What if I need to miss a session?

Missing a session is not a problem. All sessions are recorded (with the exception of private small-group breakouts). After a missed session, just make sure you watch the replay video and keep up with your workbook activities.

Do you offer private coaching on the topics in this program?

I sure do! You can learn about my private coaching options here.

How is this program similar and/or different to your virtual writing groups program?

Although the writing groups program is also considered group coaching, it is very different than the What’s Next program. Writing groups are limited to four members and do not have a set curriculum like this program does. Writing groups are also heavily focused on accountability and moving writing projects forward. Learn more about my virtual writing groups program to see if that program might be a better fit for your needs.

How frequently will you be offering What's Next?

What’s Next will be offered four times each year. Upcoming dates for the program will always be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

Scroll down this page for upcoming program date offerings.

Upcoming session dates

FaLL 2019 Schedule:


Week 1: Stories



Week 2: Learning



Week 3: Obstacles



Week 4: Movement


Are you ready to find some Clarity with what's next?

Fall dates will be announced in late August.