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Blended Learning 101

Based on principles from The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide, this workshop focuses on common misconceptions about the blended modality. Participants are exposed to the current research on blended teaching and learning to help them develop a better understanding of the main differences and similarities between traditional face-to-face and blended classroom environments.

Blended Course Design

Based on principles from The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide, participants in this workshop explore best practices for transitioning a course from a traditional, face-to-face environment to one that is blended. Topics include writing course goals and objectives, developing assessments, designing learning activities, and effectively leveraging technology for student success.

Grading to Learn

In this workshop, participants examine common definitions of assessment, feedback, grading, and testing to better understand how assessment tools can help our students learn. Through discussion and a small group activity, participants develop strategies to hold conversations with their students about learning. Participants leave the workshop with ideas that may revolutionize their personal philosophies of assessment.

Writing Course Goals and Learning Objectives

Goals, learning objectives, outcomes – what does it all mean? In this workshop, participants explore definitions of course goals and learning objectives and talk about tips for communicating them to your students through your syllabus. Participants also have the opportunity to draft course goals and objectives and receive feedback.

Course Design 101 

In this workshop based on principles of backward design, participants focus on identifying goals and objectives when designing a course, assignments, and assessments. Through reflective activities, participants begin to draft the goals and objectives for their course and start the process of mapping out a pathway of learning for their students.

Best Practices for Gathering and Using Student Feedback

In this workshop, participants learn the difference between formative and summative feedback and develop some strategies for collecting student feedback throughout the semester. Participants have the opportunity to create an assessment plan for one of their courses that includes the collection of student feedback on a regular basis through a variety of methods.  I also model some common formative feedback methods. 

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