Writing & Publication

Creating and Maintaining a Scholarly Writing Pipeline

This workshop offers participants the tools they need to both create and maintain a scholarly writing pipeline for articles, books, and conference proposals at any stage in their academic career. In this interaction session, I share suggestions for how to create and maintain a five-stage scholarly writing pipeline. Participants are also presented with the latest research on writing productivity and have the opportunity to share strategies for maintaining writing productivity during the busy academic year. *One-on-one consulting with individual participants is also available.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) 101

In this workshop, participants are introduced to the best practices for designing SoTL research projects and will begin to structure problem statements, methodology, and plans for classroom implementation. Information on the relationship between SoTL research and the IRB as well as publication outlets will also be provided. *One-on-one consulting with individual participants is also available. (This is best as a three-hour workshop. A version of this workshop that focuses on pedagogical innovations with technology is also available.)

Writing for Insight: Using Writing to Reflect on Accomplishments and Challenges in the Workplace

While we often use writing to communicate, writing can also be used as a tool for learning and reflection.  In this workshop, participants learn about the benefits of writing for professional insight and have the opportunity to practice some reflective writing exercises. Participants receive a series of prompts for professional journaling to help them reflect on their most recent professional accomplishments as well as those components of their work that are most challenging.

Write Smart, Write Quick: Time Management and Productivity Strategies

Writing is a large part of our day-to-day work. From emails to memos, reports to grants, and articles to books: writing is a central part of our professional lives. Your writing influences how you’re perceived. Crafting a message to resonate with a reader is critical to team building, negotiating, communicating, and collaborating. In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to troubleshoot their biggest writing challenges and learn strategies they can implement immediately to become more effective and efficient.

Bring Out Your Dead: How to Breathe New Life into Old Scholarship

Most scholars have a drawer, filing cabinet, or box of old conference papers, book drafts, data sets, or lab notes that haven’t yet come to fruition as published work. In this workshop, participants explore what to look for in older scholarship, how to choose what to move forward and what to leave behind, and how to decide where to place the pieces that are prioritized for publication. Strategies for managing an academic pipeline are also included.

Planning Your Book from Start to Finish

For first time book authors, planning and executing a first draft of their manuscript can be a daunting task. In this workshop, participants explore their motivations for writing a book, experience practical activities for planning and drafting different book components, develop a timeline for their book project, and learn more about the process of working with publishers to get their book under contract.

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